Develop good study habits

You might as well get the best results since school takes up 10 to 13 years of your life. Many people spend another 3 to 8 years in university. Excelling in school will help you to excel in university, get scholarships, and find a good job. It is a fact that the higher the education level, generally the higher the income. Furthermore, the gap is … Continue reading Develop good study habits

Choose the right university

The right institution of higher education offers useful connections. You make new friends who are going places and can help you in future. Other alumni can also help. It is easier to find jobs if you graduate from the certain institutions but not from others. Anywhere in the world, if you are an Ivy League or Oxbridge graduate, the employers are looking for you instead … Continue reading Choose the right university

Spend the least time in university

The earlier you finish university, the earlier you can start earning with your qualification. You also minimize your debt if you are self-financing. Avoid multiple degrees. It is popular in some countries such as Australia for students to go for double undergraduate degrees. It is better to finish one degree first and start earning earlier. You rarely get a higher pay for a double degree. … Continue reading Spend the least time in university