Start early

Everything you learn, every cent you earn and save, and every dollar invested has the greatest value when you start early. Those who become financially independent early are the ones who start earning when still in school, save hard in the first few years of full-time working, and invest early. Those who do well academically are often the ones who have covered the syllabus one … Continue reading Start early

Be prepared

This scout’s motto works just as well for learning, earning, saving, investing, and retiring. Do your homework and get things ready before you need them. Retrenched employees who survive the best are those who monitor whether their employers would need them in the next few months, and who constantly check the market for new opportunities. Shoppers who get the best deals know what they need … Continue reading Be prepared


The ability to concentrate is one of the key factors separating those who succeed and those who don’t. One critical element in successful concentration is strengthening your will. The more committed and motivated you are, the better you can concentrate. Commit to a clear goal. You will naturally concentrate when the idea you are learning or the task you are performing fits in with your … Continue reading Concentrate

Use the appropriate behavioural style

There is a wide range of behavioral styles one can use when interacting with people. A novice is comfortable with one or two styles, and uses them repeatedly. A master chooses the style that suits the situation. Using the same limited style and media can never be as effective as choosing the appropriate way to suit each person and situation. Use the right tone and … Continue reading Use the appropriate behavioural style

Choose the right employer and boss

The right company for you is not only a great place to work in but one which enhances your value in the job market. Thus it has an excellent reputation for the kind of people it produces, and the kind of people it attracts. The right employer is usually successful in the market place, has a meritocratic culture, and gives great training. Training helps to … Continue reading Choose the right employer and boss

Be head hunted

Jobs through recruiters typically pay very well. How do you get head hunters to notice you? Find out where their consultants used to work. Often they worked in consulting firms or major corporation. Work in organizations that frequently use headhunters to find new staff. Use headhunters to get your own staff – head-hunters become familiar with you and your organization. Caveats: Don’t send your CV … Continue reading Be head hunted

Encourage mentors

Mentors can help a lot with your career. They may come in at the critical points in your job progression by giving strong positive references or actually offering you jobs. Identify people who are active mentors. People are either interested in being mentors or they are not. In my consulting career, there were colleagues who developed younger people, while others never bothered. Understand their mentoring … Continue reading Encourage mentors