Relax deeply

You cannot succeed if you cannot relax. To last the distance, one has to relax deeply at regular intervals. Traditionally in China, laborers who carried heavy loads on a pole used a rhythmic motion to alternate between carrying and resting. Research shows that athletes who perform the best are those who can concentrate deeply when performing and relax deeply in between. Observation suggests that over … Continue reading Relax deeply


The ability to concentrate is one of the key factors separating those who succeed and those who don’t. One critical element in successful concentration is strengthening your will. The more committed and motivated you are, the better you can concentrate. Commit to a clear goal. You will naturally concentrate when the idea you are learning or the task you are performing fits in with your … Continue reading Concentrate

Manage your environment

Minimize distractions in the specific place where you work. There is never a perfect place to work, but distractions can be minimized. Have a regular place for the tasks that you do alone (in the workplace or at home). Our minds associate places with certain thoughts and activities so it is easier to focus when you have a regular place. Avoid other activities in this … Continue reading Manage your environment


Besides their own home, investors can put their money into a whole range of assets such as stocks and bonds, real estate or businesses beyond investing in their own homes. Within each category, there are further choices. Choose the type that suits your needs and pyschology. How much money do you plan to invest? When you have a little capital, your choice is limited to … Continue reading Choose STOCKS or PROPERTY

Own investment properties

From owning one’s home, it is a small step to owning investment properties. Decide whether you are going to invest in residential, small retail, small office, or small industrial properties. Specialize. Non-residential offers higher yields but vacancy rates and bad debts are also higher on average – so your skill in finding tenants is important. Industrial and commercial attract professional investors, but small industrial and … Continue reading Own investment properties

Buy under-priced properties

Properties are different from other asset classes. Each property is to some degree unique, each owner is property is different. The property market does not fully obey the one price rule that is the norm in near-efficient markets. Thus it is possible to buy property at a lower price than its worth. it does not automatically mean buying low priced properties. However, buying below value … Continue reading Buy under-priced properties

Change the property’s use

One of the most important ways to improve the value of a property is to change its usage. Change building use with minor renovation. One tactic is to change from residential to retail or office, which typically get higher yields and sale price. Another way is to turn unwanted industrial into residential with a little renovation. Example: A property was rented out as a house … Continue reading Change the property’s use