Avoid sudden changes

Some people would be too impatient to plan first, and may suddenly jump into something new without preparing. This is most likely to happen to high activity persons.
Example: A school principal retired at the mandatory age, collecting his entire provident fund. Unable to handle the reduced pace of life, he decided to open a Thai restaurant since he liked Thai food. He got the premises and hired a chef from Thailand since he himself couldn’t cook. Initially the food was good and business brisk. However, cultural differences and his head master style did not suit the employee who resigned. The restaurant closed while he looked for a replacement, which took several months. By the time he found a new chef, the premises had deteriorated, and the previous customers had lost confidence, so the business folded and he lost most of his savings.

  • Allow a transitional period to adjust to the new pace of life. If you are the kind of person who needs to be active, choose familiar activities that don’t need new expenses. If you are a thinker, chances are this is not a problem.
  • View the slower pace as an opportunity. At the very least, you could sleep longer (and better), listen and drive more patiently, visit the people that you haven’t seen for a long time. Take note of time diversification if you have a large sum of money to invest

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