Stand out from the crowd

Stand out in some way from the crowd. This may be in an academic subject or non-academic area. Standing out enhances your confidence and social standing which then feeds into other areas of your life. Academic excellence enhances confidence in other arease.g. leadership. You can stand out in the following areas:

In sports. Example: A classmate was always teased because he was big and inarticulate. Beyond all expectations, he progressed to the national schools shot-put championship and won. Although not a great student, he managed to attend university and eventually headed a government department in Singapore. He retired at age 50 to New Zealand where he had invested in residential property.

In singing. Example: An academically average boy won a school singing contest. Impressed by his voice, the music club teacher asked him to lead the school assembly in singing the national anthem and school song. Suddenly he became a among his peers, which boosted his confidence. His schoolwork improved; eventually he attended university.

In student representation, elocution and debating, uniformed bodies, service associations, and special interest groups.

Related skill: Relax deeply, Concentrate

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