Spend the least time in university

The earlier you finish university, the earlier you can start earning with your qualification. You also minimize your debt if you are self-financing.

Avoid multiple degrees. It is popular in some countries such as Australia for students to go for double undergraduate degrees. It is better to finish one degree first and start earning earlier. You rarely get a higher pay for a double degree. Even if you get a higher pay, it is not worth the extra time and money spent, and the loss of potential income!

Take the minimum credits to qualify. Students often want to learn the most they can at university. It is better to learn on the job: just in time instead of just in case. In addition, you can try for an employer scholarship after you start work. It is better to use the time for other things, such as extra curricular activities or earning money.

Overload. If you are not working part time, you could try to complete the course in less time.

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