Choose the right university

The right institution of higher education offers useful connections. You make new friends who are going places and can help you in future. Other alumni can also help. It is easier to find jobs if you graduate from the certain institutions but not from others.

Anywhere in the world, if you are an Ivy League or Oxbridge graduate, the employers are looking for you instead of you looking for them. In choosing an institution of higher learning, look for the following:

Good employers recruit there. Look at the proportion that go to sought-after employers, and the average starting pay.

There is a strong alumni network. The contacts are useful for many years after graduation, and may actually be more valuable as you get older.

Usually it has a long history, but not always.

It should fit your needs are. The right institution suits your needs besides networking – such as program, teachers, how difficult, financial aid, or climate.

Don’t be fooled by advertisements. The desirability of an institution is often not what some articles, lists or advertisements tell you. Example: Advertisements by institutions often claim they are the best when they are really far from it. Prestigious institutions rarely have to advertise for students.

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