Choose the right employer and boss

The right company for you is not only a great place to work in but one which enhances your value in the job market. Thus it has an excellent reputation for the kind of people it produces, and the kind of people it attracts.

  • The right employer is usually successful in the market place, has a meritocratic culture, and gives great training. Training helps to improve your skills and advance your career. These companies are places that executive recruiters hunt for candidates; it is even better if they have a great alumni network. Obviously, these employers pay well, and typically have a wide geographical coverage –giving you the opportunity to travel.
  • When offered a job, take time to research the company’s reputation and your future boss before you join. People join companies but leave bosses. Always research the real reasons why your predecessor left.
  • Identify a shortlist of companies you would like to work in before you move to your next job. Then look for opportunities in these organizations.

Simple ways to identify good employers: The list of most popular companies to work for in America, published by Fortune, is a reasonable one to start with. There are similar lists in Europe, in your region or your own country. Even if you don’t live in the U.S. or Europe, these lists are a good guide. In developing countries like China, India and others, multinational companies have traditionally been highly desired employers.

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