Be an expat

Being an expatriate usually increases your net pay and your prospects for promotion. It could also reduce your net expenses as employers pay for many overseas costs.

  • Expats generally get a higher pay. If sent to a higher cost location, you will be compensated accordingly. If sent to a lower cost country, you will typically continue on the same pay as back home.
  • Expatriates usually get a living allowance that often includes housing, schooling, and other extras. You normally pay these yourself back home. Example: An expat friend in Vietnam only needed to spend his allowance; his full pay stayed untouched in the bank back home in Singapore.
  • You and your family will usually get an expense-paid exploratory trip. This is for practical purposes a paid holiday.
  • The employer will pay for shipping the family’s household effects to the new location. Sometimes you can take cash in lieu of actual transportation.

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