Re-use, swap, sell, or donate

When you need something new, be creative about obtaining it instead of going out to buy it

* Re-use something that you already have. Example: Instead of buying a new steamer, we used our old rice cooker. It can also be used to boil soup, cook pasta. Hand down old clothes, toys, and books from older to younger children. Re-use disposable items: e.g. takeaway containers, plastic shopping bags, PET bottles, and jam jars. Similarly, when a gadget has outlived its normal use, try to use it in a different way.
* Swap with something you no longer need. Besides the avenues as below, there are specialist swap clubs in many localities and dedicated swap sites on the internet.
* Sell whatever you don’t need to buy what you now want. Use free ads in neighborhood centers or at supermarkets, or on lampposts. Use classifieds or internet auctions (such as eBay) if you need a larger audience. In some countries, there are also magazines for buying and selling second hand things.
* Donate. If you are unable to do any of the above, donate to a charity. Organizations such as Vincent de Paul, Oxfam, Tzuchi, and Christina Noble operate in many countries.

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