Eat Healthy

You can also save by eating healthy food. In the long run, healthy eating saves medical costs – one minor operation can cost more than one year’s food expense. In the short run you can also save money if you choose the right types of food.

    * Eat more vegetables and fruits, and less meat, as the latter is more expensive and less healthy. Tofu and beans are cheap relative to their nutrient value and ability to fill you up. When you increase fruit and vegie intake, your ability to resist infections and to recover from illness is likely to improve, saving you medical expenses. There is some evidence that vegetarians who have a balanced diet live longer and have less medical problems, even better complexion.
    * Eat fresh rather than processed foods – the former are usually healthier and lower-priced. Example: fresh meat is cheaper than bacon, ham or sausages, fresh fruit cheaper than canned fruits, and frozen peas are cheaper than canned peas.
    * Drink fresh juices instead of taking supplements . Many health-conscious people spend more money on supplements than on food. To reduce this cost, drink fresh juices. Instead of Vitamin C tablet, squeeze limes, lemons or guava (and add water). Such juices have been taken in India for thousands of years. Instead of multi-vitamins, invest in a juicer and make juices from fruits, vegetables and herbs. Example: each morning take a cocktail of celery, cucumber, carrot, bitter melon juices. Example: You can also use yoghurt and anchovies instead of calcium pills.
    * Minimize sugar intake. People nowadays consume 10 times more sugar per person than they did a century ago. Sweetness is an acquired taste and can be unlearned. Example: Avoid soft drinks and sweetened juices entirely. They contain many empty calories. Just drink boiled water, or learn to drink tea without sugar, or add a slice of lemon to water. If you live in Asia, you could add a preserved plum, dried longans or boxthorn fruit to hot water. These are inexpensive and healthy.

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