Get a golden handshake

When a company wants you to go, make sure you get a good deal, financially and otherwise. It is common for CEOs and senior officers to get multi-million dollar termination packages, so it is only fair to get one yourself.

  • Try to get more than what your contract says. Take advantage of guilty feelings that bosses and HR people have. Play on their fear that one day the same will happen to them.
  • Ensure that the company pays for a good outplacement service. This will help with job-search and career strategy. At least you will get a part-time office and support when you are between jobs.
  • Even when you are going on your accord, make the company pay you. Example: In Australia, regualations entitle employees to 1 month’s pay if they serve 10 years. If you are near the 10-year mark, you could ask for a proportionate payout.

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